Home First Aid Kit

Buying a stylish and practical home first aid kit is the wisest choice to protect the health of your family. Gauke Healthcare is a professional home first aid kit supplier, has advanced home medical kit manufacturing, development, logistics and product management capabilities. The home first aid kit/box/bag developed by Gauke Healthcare is suitable for self-rescue, mutual rescue and epidemic prevention in various situations such as sudden epidemics, disasters, and diseases. The Gauke Healthcare house first aid kit usually contains more than 20 products including emergency escape supplies, medical protection supplies, and identification equipment supplies. The main features of first aid kits are reflected in: optimized materials, modular structure design, light-emitting instructions, etc. The products included in the recommended configuration list of home first aid kits are as follows: 1. Emergency escape supplies: multi-function flashlight, multi-function knife, multi-function whistle, fire filter self-rescue respirator, fire blanket. 2. Emergency medical protective equipment: iodophor disinfectant (cotton swabs), alcohol cotton pads, cleaning wipes, examination gloves, dressing stickers (band-aids), elastic bandages, first aid bandages, medical cotton pads, tourniquets, medical tape, thermometers, Tweezers, safety scissors, medical masks. 3. Identification equipment: emergency contact card, emergency instruction sticker, outsourcing, manual, product list.

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