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Everyone around us, including ourselves, are prone to injuries, from minor scrapes to severe wound hemostasis or dislocated fractures to skin abrasions. These mishaps are too common to occur no matter how diligently we try not to avoid. However, with a first aid kit lying around, one can ensure that no additional damage such as infection, sepsis, or acute bleeding occurs. Hence, through the presence and correct utilization of the first aid kit, we can indeed reduce the severity of the injury. It's extremely crucial for settings like workplaces, gyms, homes, schools and even automobiles to have a fully equipped first aid kit on standby. But you have got nothing to worry about, Gauke Healthcare has got you covered!


Our mission is to establish the first aid system in China, to help more people survive disasters and decrease casualties. The company currently produces more than 6 million first aid kits for vehicles, industries and families, and various protective products such as gauze productions, non-woven products, elastic bandages, etc. Being a first aid kit manufacturer, the company has also been a designated supplier of first aid kits for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, and other well-known car manufacturers.

Following mentioned are some of the areas where we have produced well equipped first-aid kits for emergencies.


Car First Aid Kits

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Gauke Healthcare has been focusing on researching and developing car first aid kits suitable for many occasions very early. With the automobile industry's rapid development in the global market, it's inevitable for traffic accidents to not occur. To help the wounded in such derailments and for a quick emergency rescue such as fracture fixation, wound hemostasis and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. From a Custom First Aid Kit Medical Responder Bag for cars to Portable Customized Blue Factory First Aid Kits, even Mini Handbag Aid First Aid Purse Kit Medicine Organizer Pouch, we have got you covered in all aspects. Usually, the car emergency first aid kit is equipped with the following materials: elastic bandage, first aid bandage, examination gloves, tourniquet, medical tape, medical cotton sheet, iodophor disinfectant, configuration list with a first aid kit Operation guide, etc. Gauke Healthcare car first aid kits have the advantages of waterproof and moisture-proof, layered design, and high-quality materials.


Home First Aid Kits

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Buying a practical home first aid kit is the wisest choice one can make when it comes to protecting the health and wellbeing of your family. The company is a professional first aid kit manufacturer, having advanced home medical kit production, management and logistics. Guake Healthcare develops first aid kits for self-rescue, mutual rescue, and epidemic prevention in various situations and emergencies. House first aid kit usually contains more than 20 products, including emergency escape supplies (flashlights, multi-function knife, whistle, fire filter self-rescue respirator, fire blanket, etc.), medical protection equipment (cotton swabs, alcohol cotton pads, cleaning wipes, gloves, band-aids, tourniquets, tweezers, scissors, medical masks, etc.) and identification equipment (emergency contact card, instruction sticker, manual, product list, outsourcing, etc.). From 1-10 Person HSE compliant First aid Kit to PP Plastic to Pink Transparent First Aid Box Storage Medicine Kit and Blue Nylon First Aid Kit Bag Wholesale, Guake Healthcare has got you covered.


Outdoor First Aid Kit

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Taking protective equipment with you the next time you go out of your house can effectively reduce the risk of injury in advance. Whether you're an outdoor sports expert or an outdoor worker, you need basic outdoor first aid kit knowledge for self-rescue. Abrasions, sprains, fractures and even poisoning are a few of the many circumstances requiring an equipped first aid kit. The company supplies a variety of outdoor medical kits, field first aid kits, mountaineering first aid kits, camping first aid kits, etc. life jacket whistles, scissors, tweezers, medical gloves and masks, iodophor disinfectant, cleaning wipes, and medical dressings are present in outdoor first kid kits designed by Guake Healthcare. The company even provides a facility of customized mini first aid bags products according to your needs. The Guake first aid kit pouch is made of lightweight and sturdy fabric, with all supplies produced in a sterile environment and carefully selected in the small medical kit bag for your safety.


Workplace First Aid Kit

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Preparing a first aid kit can help avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals. It is important to take the right first aid measures when an emergency strikes. Trips, fall, stress injuries, fire outbreaks, electricity short circuits are common in a workplace. Guake Healthcare provides durable kits like Din 13157 Wall First Aid Kit for workplaces. This kit has a wall bracket with a 90-degree locking mechanism with an internal rubber seal to prevent dust and splashing. This kit includes finger plaster, first aid dressings, bandages, sterile compress, eye pad, gauze comforting elastic bandages, PVC disposable gloves, etc. Training on using a first aid kit demonstrates the care and concern an employer has towards his employees and how safety and protection matter to them.


Pet First Aid Kit

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As much as life and safety are important, we should feel the same care and concern for animals. As much as we love and adore our pets, we should also have a clear idea of how to protect our pets from unexpected emergencies as well. A pet first aid kit should contain absorbent gauze pads, adhesive tapes, 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in case of poisoning, OTC antibiotic ointment, tweezers, saline eye solution, etc. These veterinary supplies are crucial in a pet first aid kit bag.


Guake Healthcare aims to produce and develop better first aid equipment with the current standards of safety kept in mind. The company's mission to produce durable, effective, and easy to carry first aid kits is well appreciated through various first aid kits designed for a specific area. Our China first aid kits' product quality has been authoritatively recognized and effectively guaranteed. The first aid kits are high quality and very affordable because the safety and security of our customers is a priority to us. We serve our customers with the most professional work and better outcomes.


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